What is ClearVu Fencing?

At ClearVU Fencing Installation Cape-Town; lot of our clients are usually curious in the difference between ClearVu fencing and regular fencing solutions. Well if you are one of them then you have come to the right place. First and foremost ClearVu is a protective barrier for your property but a barrier with a twist. With this twist it has managed to be dubbed the most sophisticated fencing solution all around the world.


First notable benefit is ClearVu fence is highly transparent meaning your CCTV systems can see through it. Seeing through is easy however going through is more of a hassle for intruders since it is highly durable and nearly impossible to cut. As if making hard to cut was not enough the ClearVu fencing design offers anti-climb protection. It has been tested by defense agencies and given a rating of 4 making it one of the most secure fences in the world. The added benefit is it comes with a 25 year life guarantee, (Under normal conditions). So not only do you maintain the aesthetics of  your property; but you safe guard it with the same fence, that a win-win.


ClearVU Fencing Installation Cape-Town

Activsat are specialists in ClearVU Fencing installations for domestic and commercial properties in Cape Town. We offer the following services:

  • ClearVu Installation & Maintenance
  • ClearVu Repairs & Replacement
  • ClearVU quotation
  • ClearVU dimensions
  • We offer fix & supply of green and black ClearVu Fences

We specialize on ClearVu Installations exclusively, which has in turn made us the best company on the market for installation, maintenance and repair services in the Cape Town area.

Contact ClearVU Fencing Installation Cape-Town on 064 788 2711


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