Communal Dstv Installation Service Cape Town

A communal Dstv Installation or otherwise known as a MUD (multi-Unit-dwelling) installation is an installation that caters for buildings where there is more than one resident allowing them to use their dstv decoders independently under one installation. Communal dstv installation service is recommended for buildings like flats, B&Bs, hotels, schools and hospitals.  This is done to prevent clutter while maintaining the aesthetics of the building.

Activsat is the best in all Communal Dstv installation service; we are accredited and provide excellent installation services with a undeniable track record.

Communal DSTV installation service types

  • 1 cable system; suitable for situations whereby you would like tenants to have one TV access point
  • 2 cable system: suitable for instances you would like to enable tenants to have access to 2 Tv access points and possible Xtra View
  • Fibre Optic system(Recommended): This system is unique since the fibre optic cable is capable of carrying large amounts of data. This enables you to have the phone line, Dstv, Internet & Radio on one cable saving you tons of money as opposed to running a new cable for every new installation. Fibre optic cables are able to cater for over 1000 houses over a 10km distances.

Benefits of Communal Dstv Installation service

  • Convenience for your tenants
  • Added property value
  • 1 year Guarantee (service, maintenance & upgrades)

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