DSTV Xtra View Installation was created to give subscribers 2 viewing options under 1 roof and under 1 subscription. With the triple view installation there is an option to get as many as 3 decoders under the same conditions as Xtra View. The pricing for either premium, compact packages remains the same except for an additional R90 access fee. Each point requires a decoder that will allow you to view a different channel from other rooms on each point.

Listed Below are Xtra View Compatible decoder combinations and for Dstv Xtra View installations Cape Town Contact Activsat on 064 788 2711

Dstv Xtra View Installation Decoder Combinations

11 series + 11 series       

11 series + Single View DStv HD Decoder              

11 series + 4 tuner HD PVR          

11 series + HD PVR 2P/2U            

11 series + DStv Explora                DStv

Single View DStv HD Decoder + DStv HD Decoder             

Single View DStv HD Decoder + 4 tuner HD PVR

Single View DStv HD Decoder + HD PVR 2P/2U  

Single DStv HD Decoder + DStv Explora 

4 tuner HD PVR + SD PVR*          

4 tuner HD PVR + 4 tuner HD PVR            

4 tuner HD PVR + HD PVR 2P/2U              

4 tuner HD PVR + DStv Explora  

HD PVR 2P/2U + SD PVR*            


HD PVR 2P/2U + DStv Explora    

DStv Explora + DStv Explora        

DStv Explora + SD PVR*

DStv Explora + DStv Explora + DStv Explora**    

DStv Explora + DStv Explora + Single View DStv HD Decoder**   

DStv Explora + DStv HD Decoder + Single View DStv HD Decoder**         

*SD PVR can only be the secondary decoder. **Primary decoder must be either of the two DStv Explora models..

Other Important Information

All decoders will be registered under one name so it is crucial to ensure that all decoders are in the name of the Xtra View subscriber or they are brand new and have not been registered to anyone prior the installation.

The set-up of a DSTV Xtra View installation allows each decoder to work independently at it would in a normal  Single View installation. You can neither access recordings nor box office titles on another decoder simply because they are joined in Xtra View. You can watch what you rented or recorded on the decoder that you rented it.

Multichoice requires that each Xtra View installation be equipped with an 80cm satellite Dish, this will ensure that all decoders in the Xtra View Installation will receive optimum signal to avoid viewing issues.

For instances where by you have Explora connected to the internet, all decoders are not supported by 1 wifi connector; to access showmax or catch up plus on all decoders; each decoder will require a separate internet connection.

In the event of a triple View installation the primary decoder needs to be an Explora.

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