The Best TV: and how to pick the one that suits you and your Budget.

A TV is an integral part of the home or workplace in some instance so it is crucial to get the Best TV to suit you since you will like most people, probably have it for a long time. Unfortunately in this particular field there is no one size fits all scenario. Varying factors are your personal needs, the actual use and yes the most popular is budget. We have outlined the most important factors when picking the Best TV regarding your budget and intended use while highlighting the technological advances available as far as the Best TV is concerned.

With this article we hope to demystify industry jargon that gives no clues as far as what to expect on the screen. The so called experts have failed in letting us know what their terms actually mean or whether you are really buying the best or just getting some fancy named Television similar to the one you previously owned.

4k or Not?

4k, phrase that is commonly attached to the sale of a TV these days.  What does it mean? Do you actually need it, what is the difference with that and previous models? Well if you want the best in picture quality, the term we would like to use is groundbreaking it is the standard for modern Television. A lot of upcoming content on multiple devices and platforms will be optimized to play in this format. You basically can’t have the best TV without including 4K. It’s essentially an enhancement to previous (HD) high definition models by over four times that makes older HD TVs a quarter good as this beast. It is experiencing TV like never before and the way future content will be consumed. With 4k’s advanced tech it is even possible to see previous content platforms looking much better with its pixel density feature.  So imagine watching a movie you have watched before or even your Playstation gameplay with new eyes, I think that what best describes the Midas touch of 4K TV.

In regards to buying the Best TV, an inclusion of 4K will save you from watching sub-par content in the near future and it will save you a costly upgrade i since it will definitely be a must have feature in most if not all upcoming models. If you would like to keep your TV for an extended amount of time then it has to be a 4K TV.

Quick tip: Get a 4K TV with HDR (High Dynamic Range)

High dynamic range is the proverbial cherry on top if you will for 4K TVs, it make it that much better. Although not a prerequisite it is the sure way to get the best out of your 4K TV, unless you don’t feel the need to spend extra then you will still be fine. Not to be compared to the HDR on our smartphones this is much more advanced. The HDR on a 4K TV creates higher contrast within the already present pixels which enhances color and contrast that way images have more depth, accuracy and feel more natural. Imagine seeing color the way a director intended or better yet the way it should be, it’s more of a see it to understand it scenario and the experience is truly mind-blowing.

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Can I Still Buy an HD TV?

Well most definitely, you still can because with all the 4Ks, QLED and SUHD TVs being released constantly from who knows where, it is actually making standard HD 1080p models much cheaper. All this talk about 4K is not to make it seem like a HD TV is a taboo. Like I said earlier in relation to budget and use determining the Best TV for you this is one of the cases. Say you are not that enthusiastic about; the latest features or razor sharp images and what not or TV use is minimal to like an hour a day an HD TV will definitely do. The picture although not remarkable as compared to present standards it is still acceptable.

Best TV Size

This is one of the most trivial matters in deciding the Best TV: size. Should I upscale or downscale? I think in relation to a dozen experiences a big TV is the Best TV, here’s why:

  • It’s more screen, no minor details will evade you. Most of the recent TV features are optimized to work best on a large screen.
  • It creates a more cinematic experience which makes it that much enjoyable
  • Aesthetically a big TV will do you justice since recent models are made with designs to seamlessly blend with your living room furniture
  • Amidst fears of buying an additional piece of furniture for the TV to sit on makes a lot of people hesitant to get a large size however TV brackets take care of that in a heartbeat.

Price: You get what you pay for.

Although TV prices can be absurd they are highly justifiable, the more a TV cost most likely means the more features you get with that TV. One particular trick we suggest to evade this is simply wait for the holidays when you are most likely to make a bargain, you can get an 18% to 40% reduction on premium brands or simply wait for specials. If a TV cost more the screen size has to be huge that is where some of the money is going to. If on a budget we advise spending at least $1000 to get possibly a 4K with features that compare to the leading brands however the, “you get what you pay” for mantra still counts on this.


Although the names sound similar, do not be fooled these are not the same, OLED is superior in price and performance.  With that said a 4 LED offers a somewhat good picture just not enough to win the race although certain features tend to be found in OLED models. The lighting causes the substantial difference between these two, the LED is has light shining through a panel of crystals through a backlight while OLED steps that up by lighting each pixel individually  plus independent of the others and that’s in the range of 8 million pixels give or take.

In terms of lighting take the OLED which works both in dim and well lit spaces whereas the LED truly shines in well-lit environments. OLEDs are generally thinner than LED if weight is anything to go by for the Best TV for you. Do often wonder the best place to watch TV? Well gone are those days with OLED technology, the picture literally searches for the best place to watch you but with the LED you might have to help the TV out a little. Another factor consumers usually ignore although crucial is fast action content. Let’s say you are watching a football game live, you would obviously love to witness the action with no lag or delay? Well OLED and LED perform sub-par in that department. There are settings to adjust that in some models however that would mean compromising on picture quality.


TV Resolution

As we said before 4K is the winner in TV resolution, with ultra-sharp images and close to 6 million more pixels than a standard HD TV.

Well, what about SmartTV?

Smart Tv’s are soon to be an integral part of entertainment consumption in the near future. SmartTV functions allow you to experience streaming from the available online platforms, Netfix, Hulu and many more. Not only that but you can access the internet from your TV possibly check out your facebook and so forth. The Best TV simply can’t be the best if it’s not smart. You can get this function either in-built or as a add on through media boxes like AppleTV, Roku or even on an Xbox

SURROUND Sound: Cinema Experience

Well what about audio. Some TV’s out there have decent sound however not so decent that they could eliminate sound bars and home theatres, no. In that department there is still a lot lacking, even though it’s crisp it lacks the extra bang of the cinema. The next investment will have to be a home theatre or some kind of audio outlet to compliment the majestic picture. Sound bars offer a sleek feel and usually compliments your surroundings and the best thing is no cables or at least just power.

Does Brand Name Matter?

If there is one thing a Brand name assures you, it’s that you know what to expect. So yes brand names matter a great deal. Reputation is important such for purchases because it is a product you intent to use frequently and quite possibly for an extended period of time. My most trusted brands are Samsung, LG and Sony in that exact same order. Other important matters to consider are things like manufacturer’s warranty. Huge brands are known for taking care of their customers, so you don’t want to take that risk with emerging companies without doing some research on the particular brand 1st.

I think we have highlighted crucial factors in picking the Best TV for you; however it is fair game if you would like to ask more questions before you take a decision. If you do have questions please do not hesitate to comment in the comments section we will be happy to help.

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