Best 4K TV?

Although there is already 8k Television sets 4K is still pretty much the standard right now when it comes to best way to watch content. This could be pretty much due to the limited amount of content that is available in 8K resolution and besides that 4K is awesome.  With the introduction of new models every now and then it has become much easier to afford a 4K TV in recent times.

Not all contenders in the Best 4K TV list are models that were released in this year however there are pretty much up to standard with what is new on the market. Some of the TVs featured in the list possess most of the 4k TV features available in recent models.  So if you are willing to overlook a few features and get more bangs for your buck; this list is for you as well those who cannot compromise the picture quality for anything at all. With this list we simply aim to show you the 4K TVs we consider to be the best in every given scenario and most importantly we tell you what you are paying for.

The Best 4K TV list: Buyers Guide

  1. Samsung Q90 QLED TV

Samsung has undoubtedly one of the best TVs in the market. The Samsung Q90 QLED TV is definitely one of them. Expect no bias although Samsung is our favorite brand when it comes to their production quality and models like the Q90 are a testament of that. It offers excellent picture quality coupled with HDR performance, “the only way to watch TV”.  Few minutes of watching the Q90 QLED, we were overwhelmed by its performance and just the way it looks is another reason to get it. Competition is buried with this one unless a new contender steps up in the few coming months.

Viewing angles are much better compared to previous models, you can watch this TV from and corner of the room and still be intrigued. Another impressive spec is the dimming function which allows for deeper blacks which in turn gives you optimum viewing in possibly all lighting scenarios. So those movie nights are going to be nothing short of epic. It might cost a few bucks extra than the other models on this list, however you will see where the money goes, no pun intended.



2nd on the list is a model by a brand that is also synonymous with impeccable picture quality. LG is one of the leading TV makers out there no doubt and with the LG C8 LED they made sure that reputation sticks.  An outstanding feature is of course the picture quality how it withstands viewing in low light and the brightness of this HDR compatible machine is good but not the best.

The hefty price tag is justifiable with the performance it offers considering that this is their latest offering they made sure to put value behind every dollar spent. The dynamic range is above average with deeper blacks than its predecessors. The 4K is highly precise and colors vivid making this TV one of the top contenders for the Best 4K TV to buy list.

Oh did we mention it is has one of the best web operating systems on the market, if not the best. If money is not an object this would be a good buy.


  1. Samsung Q7FN QLED TV

Another Samsung on the list, we told you so! Although this model is not as superior as Samsung Q90 QLED TV, it is still quite impressive. It works well in daytime scenarios due to its Edge-Lit VA panel although the viewing angles are not that great. The price is reasonable considering there is another predecessor; the Samsung Q9FN QLED which shines in every aspect. If you are into gaming this might be one of the best TVs for you to buy, it has a gaming mode that heightens HD/SDR content impeccably. To avoid being biased that is all we are going to say about this TV for now, on to the NEXT!


  1. TCL 43S517 Roku Smart 4K TV

Like we said earlier we have budget sensitive TVs that offer impeccable performance. The TCL 43S517 Roku Smart 4k takes the prize for the best performing budget 4K TV. Here you get beautiful picture and exceptional sound quality on a smaller screen of course, we said budget remember? However don’t let the price or size fool you; this contender stands its ground and is one of the best performing TVs on the market. Did we mention you get 4K picture, voice search, SmartTV features, HDR and Dolby Atmos usio support at only $270.


  1. Sony Master Series A9F OLED TV

We have thrown the terms best, impressive and great all around this article; however this is model is the Guru of best picture on the list. The Sony Master Series A9F OLED TV, is either one of or it is the top OLED TV on offer right now. It basically has no competition on this list in terms of picture quality. The contrast is amazing and colors are such a wonder to look at. Not only the picture but the sound is to die for too, it comes with Acoustic surface Audio that comes from the screen. Yes, the screen! If the best 4K TV means picture for you then there is no better pick than this in that department.


  1. Panasonic FZ952/FZ950

For some Panasonic is a brand that has had its days, however this brand is well within its rights to enter the Best 4K TV list. A brand most popular in the United Kingdom stands its ground in creating quality and high performance TVs.  The contrast on the Panasonic FZ952 is awesome and one of the best although it does not surpass a lot of models on this list. So if you are looking for a good 4K TV, then this is it.

The picture performance of this model might quite possibly take pole position of the 4K TVs on this list. However being the best TV overall may prove quite challenging considering it doesn’t have Dolby Vision and Atmos compatibility. This doesn’t necessarily mean the sound is trash, it’s just that there are other TVs on this list that offer exceptional picture quality coupled with an exceptional audio experience. It is still a good buy however you can make for the sound by getting a home theatre system and work your way to having the ultimate viewing experience.



  1. Sony Bravia AF9 OLED

Another Sony; I think we have to use the term best one more time. That is what the list is and that’s what the content entails. It doesn’t have the sound problems of the Panasonic however the picture is not very bright. This a facelift from Sony’s A1 OLED and it’s a viable contender to some of the biggest brands out there. Definitely one of the best 4K TVs money can buy.


Brand name might not be so popular but we have dubbed this model the King of Outdoor Viewing on this best 4k TV list. And it’s for a reason, this TV embodies moisture-sealed aluminum chassis, weatherproof port compartment and the screen was basically built for the outdoors. It’s not to say it doesn’t work well indoors but in partial sunlight is where it shines and most brands tend to fail. If you want a TV for some outdoor viewing minus the SmartTV features, this is definitely a great buy.


  1. Samsung UN43NU6900

Not all budget TVs have to suck and Samsung made sure of that. They did their best to ensure the Samsung UN43NU6900 4K LED stands its ground with some of the best TVs on this list. With deep blacks due to its native contrast ratio and exceptional picture to top it off; it could easily be the Best 4k TV to buy on a budget. The input lag is relatively low of this model. It does have its flaws like for instance the HDR mode that doesn’t display HDR content much like the content creators intended. When we say it has great picture quality, barely makes it to the top tiers on the list however it is a master in the Budget 4k territory.


Probably another brand name you haven’t heard in a while in regards to TV manufacturing. Well, they still got it. A substantial improvement compared to previous models, they definitely stepped up their game in regards to beautiful image display and distinct contrast enhancements.  Two times better than its predecessor with the P5 Perfect Processing engine, simply put; it has better picture. Cons are the few hdmi inputs, no Dolby Vision compatibility and poor catch up capabilities. Other than that it’s a good buy, not the best since there is another model the 903 powered with Bowers and Wilkins sound.


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