TV Installation Cape Town

The TV Installation Somerset West Team at Activsat understands that the TV is the one of the most important parts of the home; for that reason we ensure it’s done right.


We offer services that include: TV Wall mounting, Media Box installation, Dstv Installation, OVHD installation, Sound Bar Mounting, Under TV shelving, wire management and many more. 

We approach each installation with a immense level of dedication. We do not cut any corners we use only high end equipment and we use professional teams that ensure that each job is done to perfection.


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TV installation Cape Town - Services

⦁ Residential TV Wall Mounting
⦁ Commercial TV Mounting
⦁ Media Box Installation
DSTV Installation Cape Town
OVHD Installation Cape Town
⦁ Sound Bar Mounting
⦁ Under TV Shelving
⦁ Wire Management
⦁ Projector Installation
⦁ LED Lighting

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Over 10 Years Experience

We have been attatching TVs to walls for ever a decade now. As a result we have constantly improved our service and carefully curated credible suppliers to ensure the best experience every time.

Tips for Best service

⦁ know the size of the TV you want to install
⦁ Determine the position of the installation
⦁ Know the Type of mounting you require (Standard, Tilting: up/down, Swivel:full motion/articulating)
⦁ know the kind of surface the TV is to be mounted (brick, drywall, concrete or stucco)
We are available to advise in instances where you are unsure

Benefits of Picking TV installation Cape Town

You avoid damaging your TV
You avoid damaging your walls
Avoid the risk of drilling into water or electrical piping in the wall
Increase your comfort in your living room

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